About us

The "Casa Emmaus" is managed by Cornelia & Peter Flückiger, the Hotel managers, together with a small community and various employees.

The highlight of "the history of Emmaus" of the Bible, hanging above the reception, is the thread of the "Casa Emmaus". Again and again, we see how beautiful it is, with the Risen Christ to travel and live everyday life in him very simply. This is the foundation of our community life. As a community, we appreciate the cooperation and mutual enrichment. Common prayer and meeting together join us to open our eyes to the world.

The house is an operation of the association diakonia Nidelbad. The association operates in all of its activities for the public good and pursues exclusively for charities.
In addition, the "Casa Emmaus" is part of the Association of Christians Swiss Hotels VCH
The association is composed of Swiss hotels and guest-houses who are managed in a Christian sense.