For the children

The children are welcome in our home, it is suitable for them. In our garden, there is a lot to discover, because it is very large! Here the children can play not only hide and seek, but can also vent playing bowling, volleyball, soccer or simply recreation. For the smaller, there is a sandpit, swings and even a small wading pool in summer and the parents can relax comfortably on a deck chair or a hammock.

In bad weather a game room is equipped with a ping-pong table and a billiard. Many games can be borrowed in the baby parking. For small children there is a room especially designed for them, it is comfortable, equipped with a three wheel tractor and there is the possibility to rent games.

Each week in summer, a moment of pleasure for the children from 4-12 years is offered by the staff. During this time, the parents can walk and relax in Ascona.

Family Destination

Here families feel especially welcome